Where: Reno, NV         When: Mar 25, 2017

I got to downtown Reno an hour before the race was set to began, and like many others, I hung out in the El Dorado Hotel to keep warm and use the best pre-race bathrooms that I have ever had. It was a cool morning but the sun came out and we had perfect weather for running. The starting line was right under the famous arch.

We ran south and then west through downtown and into some residential along the Truckee river. We continued across a bridge and through more residential. There were not very many spectators along the route, but those who were there were very enthusiastic. There was a water station at the 5K turnaround and we climbed a steep hill to the second water station. Then was a very long gradual downhill. This made me a little nervous knowing that this was an out and back course and I would need to go back up this long hill on the way back.

We ran through several intersections and at each one were multiple Reno Police vehicles and police officers directing traffic. There were also police officers on motorcycles driving along the course to look after runners. I have never seen this much police presence at a race before and I was very impressed at their commitment to runner safety. As we neared the half marathon turnaround, we ran alongside a pond and public park. I imagine that this will look very nice come summer, but it was rather drab this time of year. I took a glass of Tailwind at the half way point and was still feeling pretty good.

I told myself that I would take my second gel as soon as I got to the bottom of the long hill. This hill was more than a mile of prolonged up hill. I saw runners of all different ability levels along the course and everyone was smiling and having fun. We hit 5 water stations along the course and I carried water as well. The elevation was getting to me in the final miles and I pushed with all I had as soon as we were back across the bridge and heading for downtown.

I finished with a middle of the road time, not my best, but certainly not my worst and I had fun. I smiled for the camera at the finish line, got my medal, and hit up the post race refreshments. There was water, bananas, bagels, cupcakes, oranges, chips, and a beer garden.

I got my results emailed out on race day and was happy to see that they also listed the split times from the mats at the 5K, half-way, and 10 mile markers. The free photos aren’t up yet, but I they did put up finish line videos. I look more tired in the video than I remembered! It was great to be able to show this video clip to the family when I got home, because I had made this trip on my own.

Thank you Desert Sky Adventures! I had a great time and you exceeded my expectations. Half Marathon number 14 done!