Date: Jul 23, 2016                   Location: Edmonton, AB

It was a wonderful sunny morning in Rundle Park for the second race of the Fund Runners triple challenge 2016. The first race was the “Suck It Up Buttercup” in the spring and the third race is the “Turkey Trot” in October. By completing all 3 events, you get a fourth medal for completing the annual challenge.

The morning started with the 1K kids race. This group always makes the sure that the kids race is well organized and not a second thought like so many other events. For only $10 the kids get medals, encouragement, post race refreshments, and finish line photos. One heck a great value.

I then ran the 10K course and my wife ran the 5K. The courses were the same as the “Suck it Up Buttercup” course, and the 5K was also the same course used by the “Spring into Sprinkles” race which is put on by different people, so we were very familiar with the course. Both distances are run completely on paved paths and do not cross any roads. This is a very safe and enjoyable location. The 10K course goes across a bridge over the North Saskatchewan River and into Goldbar park and hits the first water station right before the turn around. The course then returns to Rundle Park and merges with the 5K course. The second water station is right at the 7K mark, which is 2K mark of the 5K run. You can even hit the 2nd water station a second time after the 2nd turnaround if you want; I did not.

There was more signage for this race than the Buttercup and there were no course misdirects. These races have a real personal touch and the crowds are growing. There were 110 runners for the 10K, and 143 for the 5K.

I set a new personal best for the 10K distance in a race (although this is only the 3rd 10K race that I have ever done). I didn’t get a top 3 finish, but new for this race, they also had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals for males and females for each distance. There was bananas, Gatorade, water, Chocolates, and gummy candies at the finish line and free race photos were posted online the next day. I always love when free photos are included. The races were chip timed by Ellis timing and results were posted within hours of the finish.

The medals were reversible with Dashing Diva on one side and Dude on the other side. The medals are a little campy, but they are big (3 inches in diameter) and include the distance and date.

The race director also makes personalized race bibs for everyone with your first name on it. The kids love seeing their name on their bibs.

We had said before the race that we might not do this series next year and try out some different races because we had our fill of Rundle Park and wanted to try some different locations, but with such a great atmosphere at these races, and the effort they take to make the kids feel important, I can easily see us signing up again next year. There is also a playground for the kids to play at after their race while they wait for the adults to finish their races. This makes things much easier for Grandma and Grandpa or who ever is trying to entertain the kids while you are running.