Date: Apr 30, 2016

Location: Rundle Park, Edmonton

There was a huge turnout for yesterdays race. This event is a 5K run/walk. The race start was delayed because of the number of people picking up race packages at the event last minute. The race package included a grey cotton t-shirt with just a small logo on the front and on the back there was text of “Sprinkles are for Winners”. This is a great shirt that can be worn any time. Most race t-shirts just end up in a box but I will wear this one again. Also, the first 250 registrants got a black Buff with cupcakes printed on it and the slogan “Sprinkles are for Winners”. This was awesome, a $20 value all alone. Considering the race only cost $66 total for 2 people if you registered early, this race was an excellent value.

The race followed the exact same route as the “Suck it Up Buttercup” 5K and had people of all skill levels. This was my 7 year old daughters first 5K and we ran together and finished right in the middle of the 410 finishers. There were a lot of strollers on the path and a few dogs too. Fun for all.

The course on the website showed us going across the bridge before turning around and would have ended us at 5.3km but they put the water/mini cupcake station right at the entrance to the bridge and acted as the turn around which meant that the course ended up only being 4.7km. I am not sure if this was a mistake or a last minute decision to not have to carry the station supplies across the bridge. But, since I was running with a 7 year old, I did not mind coming up short on distance.

All finisher’s earned a fun little medal after crossing the finish line and then went inside to a huge assortment of cupcakes. They also had bottled water, cookies, rice krispie squares, and bananas. They were also making free finish line photo magnets but we were told the magnets would take 30 minutes to print and we needed to get going so we didn’t get ours.

The weather was great, the event was well organized, and volunteers made sure that everyone was happy. This event was professionally chip timed and results were available online minutes after the last runner crossed the finish line. This one will definitely be on my race calendar again next year.